The 6 Phases of TDfU

Dance as a Playful Experience – Students are led through a variety of dances where they learn simple moves, without worrying about the ‘rules’ of dance (choreography and technique).

Dance Appreciation – Students learn about the Elements of Dance and the historical context of different dance genres. Students share prior knowledge and express personal interests to guide their learning.

Developing Connections – Through listening, self-reflection and large group movement activities, students learn to connect to music, gain a sense of self-awareness and develop interpersonal skills.

Creative Exploration – Students explore various ways of expressing their thoughts, opinions, ideas and stories to different styles and genres of music by applying the creative process.

Skill Refinement – Students create short routines that apply their understanding of the Elements of Dance. They refine the techniques and movements that will be required to execute a dance performance as an individual or as a group.

Dance Performance – Students perform a dance routine as an individual or group using the Elements of Dance to communicate messages, thoughts and stories. Students apply strategies to learn and remember choreography.