“I think this program is great! I bought the resources and used them to teach dance for gr.6-9 this term for 5 weeks. I love the fact that all the resources are done and created for me and that made my life easier as a teacher.”
– Stela Samuela, head of PE department at Al Yasat Private School in Abu Dhabi
“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended in my career!”
– Teacher, Kingston, ON
“Hands down the best workshop at this conference!”
– Australian Dance Festival Delegate, Australia
“I love the new and practical ideas. My students are going to love this!”
– OPHEA Delegate, ON
“This is what Dance Educators have needed for a long time! Thank you!”
– Teacher, Calgary, AB
“You’ve helped me make an impact – my students still use their Bubble of Awesome!”
–Teacher, Toronto, ON
“This way of teaching makes Dance Units so engaging and fun!”
– Teacher, North Vancouver, BC
“We are very impressed with your teaching methods. Excellent workshops”
– Dean of Dance Faculty, KNSU
“I can actually do this!”
– Teacher, Edmonton, AB
“Loved that the outcomes were addressed in a new and fresh way”
– Teacher, Edmonton, AB
“Some awesome new ideas on how to teach dance in PE”
– Teacher, Edmonton, AB
“I walked away with many great dances & ideas of how to make dance lessons purposeful”
– Teacher, Edmonton, AB

Thank you so much for the fabulous workshop and these resources and videos! I have already shared some great teaching tips that you taught me with my students in dance. It was definitely my favourite workshop of the day! Learned a lot and had so much fun!

J. Guillemette, Dance/Drama/Music Teacher, OPHEA Conference Delegate, ON