Get your class ACTIVE with easy-to-learn dances that develop physical literacy!

Our team gathers requests from students and teachers of their favourite music, then our team of choreographers develops playful dances that develop Fundamental Movement Skills, interpersonal skills and positive mindsets.

Use the Dances for Physical Literacy Resource to engage your students with dance by:

  • Inviting student leaders to learn the moves and lead their peers or younger students in the dances.
  • Playing the videos as part of your Daily Physical Activity.
  • Downloading the choreography notes and coaching your students as part of your Physical Education or Dance program.

Note: this is a dynamic online resource that provides access to 10 dances at any given time. The content is updated at least once a month to showcase new songs.

Each song is specifically designed to develop Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), address the four Elements of Dance (physical, affective, cognitive, behavioural), develop Core Competencies (interpersonal skills) or allow students to explore various genres of dance.