TDfU is an inquiry-based teaching model that brings dance to life through the 6 Key Phases: Dance as a Playful Experience, Dance Appreciation, Developing Connections, Creative Exploration, Skill Refinement, Dance Performance. During this workshop, teachers will explore the 6 Phases of the TDfU model through “PLUG-and-PLAY” Lesson Plans, featuring a range of Top 40 songs students love and a mix of music genres from around the world.

The TDfU Workshop is designed to support teachers in providing quality dance education for students in K to 12 to ensure they develop positive attitudes towards dance and active living.

The choreography provided during the workshop is designed to develop physical literacy and fundamental movements skills, as well as introduce students to foundational movements and rhythms from a wide range of dance and music genres. Learners are encouraged to explore various styles of music and dance in order to develop self-confidence in expressing themselves using their bodies. As a co-operative learning model, TDfU focuses on developing interpersonal skills, group cohesion through collaborative performances, creative coaching and global awarenesses through an inquiry-based approach.

By the end of this active workshop, educators will…

  • learn about Teaching Dance for Understanding as a pedagogical approach.
  • learn simple of movements that develop fundamental movement skills.
  • experience Lesson Plans and Activities from each of the 6 Phases of TDfU so that they can “Live It to Learn It”.
  • access assessment and evaluation rubrics with direct links to the provincial or state curriculum where teachers work and play.
  • have obtained resources to support classroom implementation (including song lists and video tutorials with dance moves!).

“Thanks again for the amazing session!  I have a newfound appreciation and understanding of dance, and look forward to using this in my PE classes!  Thank you for sharing your positive energy and expertise with all of us.”

M. Holland

PE Teacher, Calgary, AB


Seriously though…we’ve got your back. We know this is what you are looking for: simple, fun, energizing combos and moves that allow students to experience success while learning about popular dance styles and culture-inspired dances from around the world.

All PD workshop participants get access to a playlist of 20 songs and 10 dance tutorial videos.

The TDfU Lessons modeled during the workshop will help teachers meet *BOTH* Arts (Dance) and H&PE Curriculum expectations.