All TDfU Workshops are delivered by experienced school teachers and dance educators who have a passion for implementing engaging curriculum units that get students ACTIVE and confident in expressing themselves through dance.

Melanie G Levenberg, M.Ed.
Conference Presenter / Author of TDfU
Vancouver, British Columbia

Leeanna Harris, OCT, H&PE
Certified TDfU Master Trainer
Ottawa, Ontario

Heather Gardner, M.Ed.
Certified TDfU Master Trainer
Toronto, Ontario

Laura Paiement, BSc.P.T.
Certified TDfU Master Trainer
British Columbia, Canada

Tracy Lockwood, B.Ed.
Certified TDfU Master Trainer
Edmonton, Alberta

Susan Shearer B.A. B.Ed.
Certified TDfU Master Trainer
Calgary, Alberta

“Teaching dance has never been so fun and simple until now! The TDfU lessons allow students to connect with each other while developing physical literacy and building confidence. It’s exciting to see even the most reluctant students participating in dance.”

– T. Lockwood, TDfU Master Trainer, Edmonton, AB